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Jason Gonella - President, Planning Commitee chair

Robin Nute - Vice President, By-Laws Commitee chair

Jon Vincent - Treasurer

Elizabeth Andrew - Recording Secretary

Stormy Hope - Corresponding Secretary, CSD Committee Chair, Public Information Committee Chair

Michael Clarren - Council Member

Council Member - Vacant

First Altnerate - Vacant

Second Alternate - Vacant


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Frequently Asked Questions: CSDs

The information below is from the pdf at Lake Los Angeles Dept of Regional Planning
What is a CSD?
A Community Standards District (CSD) is a special set of zoning rules, which apply only to a certain area of the county. CSDs in the rural areas typically include rules for setbacks, lot sizes, fences and such, intended to preserve the local character.
What is the process to create a CSD?

A CSD must be adopted by the Board of Supervisors. The Department of Regional Planning (DRP) works with the local Town Council and community residents on the contents, holds a community meeting, and presents the proposal to the Regional Planning Commission. All property owners will be sent notice in the mail at least three times. The public, including residents, property owners and anyone else who is interested, has the chance to provide their input every step of the way.
Will the CSD raise property taxes?

A CSD is not an assessment district. Property taxes are generally raised only when improvements are made to private property.
Will the CSD have control over our private property?

A CSD contains rules about how property should be developed. It does not dictate whether property may or may not be developed, or govern the buying and selling of private property.
Does a CSD take away the rights of property owners?

A CSD does not take away the rights of an owner to develop his or her property. A CSD contains rules about how property should be developed.
Will the CSD restrict the number of houses
we can have on our property?

General Plans and zoning regulations determine the number of housing units which are allowed on any given property. A CSD will not change those numbers.
Will the CSD stop all garage sales?

No. There are no rules in the proposed CSD related to garage sales.
Will the CSD keep us from having storage containers?
The use of cargo storage containers is strictly limited by County rules at present. The CSD could create different rules for Lake L.A., if community members and the Board of Supervisors decide that is appropriate.
Will the CSD stop truckers from parking their
trucks on their property?

The parking of commercial vehicles in agricultural and residential areas is strictly limited by existing County rules. The CSD could create different rules for Lake L.A., if community members and the Board of Supervisors decide that is appropriate.
What is the process to amend the CSD?

The process to amend a CSD is the same as to create it. Any amendments need to be adopted by the Board of Supervisors.
Will the CSD prohibit keeping of livestock?

The Town Council has proposed limiting the number of chickens and other birds per lot.
Will the CSD prohibit independent stores,
allowing only chains such as Wal-Mart?

No. The CSD does not treat independent and chain stores differently.
Will the CSD have a grandfather rule?

When rules are changed, often existing developments and buildings are exempted. This is commonly called �grandfathering.� Some rules will apply after a given time (�grace period�). If there is a concern about a particular rule, please ask.
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Marshall Adams
Dept of Regional Planning
(213) 974-6476

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